Sports, Sports, Sports

Growing up I never liked sports very much and I think that is a little disappointing. I missed out on a lot of great memories because of not liking sports. These days, I love going to the baseball game or football game and just enjoying the atmosphere of the stadium. Well, more so baseball than […]

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Tokyo Drifting Into My Heart

The Fast and the Furious movies are the easiest movies to mock in Hollywood and I’m sick of it. Sure, those first two were not too great but the first one was made in like 2001 and there are hardly any good movies from back then. I’m pretty sure everything was just bad Bow Wow […]

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To The Lich King, With Love

The year was 2010 and my freshman year of college was in full swing. Parties were being thrown and broken up. Beer continuously graced my dorm room floor. I may, or may not, have tried to do battle with a coat hanger thinking it was some sort of foul beast. These were the days of […]

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Pokemon (Oh No) Go

Pokemon Go has done something to the greater masses of people, other than those of us who have long toiled in the Poke-Mines. Pokemon remains a popular series, sure, but it’s hard to say who was really playing those games. My friends and I would always pick up the newest Pokemon and spend countless hours […]

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