Sports, Sports, Sports

Growing up I never liked sports very much and I think that is a little disappointing. I missed out on a lot of great memories because of not liking sports. These days, I love going to the baseball game or football game and just enjoying the atmosphere of the stadium. Well, more so baseball than football. Being a Lion’s fan is not good for one’s health and they always leave everyone feeling really blue. I recently went to the driving range with some family members and learned how to hit a golf club. Now, many people my age and with similar interests would find this to be one of the most boring things imaginable. Hell, I would have thought that too ten years ago, but these days I have taken a more open approach to sports and all things in my life.

About five years ago I fell in love with baseball. It’s a tough life being a Detroit sport’s fan sometimes so I decided to start with a team that may have a shot at winning some games. I was sort of wrong and right; just don’t ask me about the 2012 World Series and I’m still sore every time they play the Athletics. Baseball has a lot of things that my current interests don’t at this point. A feeling of tradition and history that are so rich and deep I do not have the time to delve into them like I should. A true sports fan grew up learning this stuff and I just surf Wikipedia. Kids growing up like I did are really missing out on the great pastimes of our world. Handball was on the other day and I watched about five minutes of that and it was fascinating. People cut themselves off of entire sections of entertainment and culture by thinking that sports are for dumb jocks.

There is a lot more to being a big beefy jock in sports. Sure, it helps to be a physical specimen on par with Adonis but it’s not required. The Tigers biggest bats are two of the, well, larger players in the MLB. As a young man I saw all these people who were more fit and attractive than I will ever be playing sports that I was not fit enough to play and immediately swore them off without even giving them a fair shake. I think leaving high school, where stereotypes are reinforced constantly throughout the day, opened me up to trying a lot of new things in life.Without the peer pressure to be the stupid nerd and band geek that I was, I freely spent time developing new hobbies and ways to get closer to my current friends. I still don’t understand MMA and combat sports, and no, Mike Goldberg, UFC 200 was not the biggest thing in combat ever.

I am sure a lot of my non-interest in sports comes from my parents’ disinterest in it as well, which is understandable but also a shame. They had little to no knowledge about other kinds of sports that I could partake in. No one ever asked me if I wanted to play baseball, but I probably would have liked it. Digressions aside, going to the golf range and hitting some balls, poorly, was a nice chance of pace for me and I hope to practice and not just have a one off experience like so many of us have every day.


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