An Awful Batman

There has been a call to diversify Hollywood and inject new actors of different races and genders into the parts and franchises that are traditionally headed by straight white males. A black James Bond, more women and people of color in Star Wars, and more minority friendly televisions shows. These are all things I support […]

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Destiny: Year One

Destiny was the chosen one. A game developed by the studio that was responsible for renovating the first person shooter genre and dragging it into the next generation. They birthed unto the world a couple pretty good Halo games and they could do no wrong. Halo became the flagship product for a video game console […]

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Review: One Night In Karazahn

Warcraft lore is steeped in recognizable characters and amazing set pieces. Karazahn, the tower home of the guardian, Medivh, plays host to a party and gathering the who’s who of baddies for a night of fun and debauchery, and portals. Hearthstone single player campaigns introduce a small amount of cards and provide an interesting distraction […]

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