Review: One Night In Karazahn

Warcraft lore is steeped in recognizable characters and amazing set pieces. Karazahn, the tower home of the guardian, Medivh, plays host to a party and gathering the who’s who of baddies for a night of fun and debauchery, and portals. Hearthstone single player campaigns introduce a small amount of cards and provide an interesting distraction from the main game. Each week a new level of the tower unlocks and offers new, interesting cards to be used in the main play. I have a hard time building decks and find myself scouring the internet for information on what is currently in and out of the meta so a whole new set of cards to familiarize myself with is a daunting, yet exciting task.

All Hearthstone single player campaigns start out the same way; each has four groupings of three unique card matches. Some are more compelling than others. A few of the fights, depending on level of skill and strength of deck, took me two minutes to win. I feel as though once I figured out the gimmick was for each match it became very easy for me to complete them. Due to the randomness of the game, many matches can be hard to win with cards coming in randomly and not aligning to fit a certain style or deck build. Players with some skill, unlike me, are often able to tailor the random cards into a fitting strategy. During one match, the player must fight against a chess board come to life with only chess pieces. This was a clever twist on the standard battle and is one of the stronger matches in the expansion.

One of the most compelling, and certainly divisive, parts of Hearthstone is the randomness associated with several of the cards. I think this adds a more diverse play. The chance to discover or summon a random minion with a fun effect that is either rare or a card you just don’t have in your collection really livens the game up. I understand it can really swing matches one way or the other, but I enjoy the new legendary, Prince Malcazar, and his effect to add five legendaries into your deck. The new portal cards summon random minions along with buffing, healing, or damaging minions and players. The anticipation that the game could change at any point keeps players on edge and injects new units into the game in a fun way.

As a WoW loremaster (I’m not), I would like the single player games to dive into deeper areas of the Warcraft ethos than they do. I think we just need Warcraft 4, but I somehow doubt that is the game we really need. At this point Warcraft lives off of the recognizable characters and setting established years ago. I’m surprised there is no Arthas card in the game. The single player campaigns have iterated on the game types enough and I think it’s time we had a new class to really shake things up.

Hearthstone continues to burn as brightly as ever and another single player addition does nothing to cool that off. If you’re sick of buying Hearthstome expansions I can’t blame you but I did have a fine time with this game. Hearthstone fanatics already own this but buying it just for the cards is never a bad idea. I like collecting them.


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