Harry Potter and the Gun

The wizarding world of Harry Potter has grown into a massive billion-dollar franchise spanning across books, movies, and even plays. But, why is this franchise so compelling? Fans become so wrapped up in the quaintness of the world and characters that they openly ignore the fact that every aspect of wizard life is riddled with plot holes. The readers and viewers see the world through the lens of Harry, who lived as a normal human before the giant discovery that he has magical powers. The whole creation of the magic world he enters into is flawed from the very conception.

Harry’s parents were murdered by Voldemort when they were both twenty-one years old. Harry goes to live with his mother’s sister and suffers there for the next eleven years. Then, upon the realization of his wizard life he is taken, by Hagrid, to his parent’s vault where they seem to have left him millions upon millions of dollars in wizard money for him to burn through during his time at Hogwarts. How did Harry’s parents amass such a fortune in the four or five years since they walked out of Hogwarts? Harry’s mother was born in a muggle family, so they certainly did not have any of that sweet wizard coin. His father was luckily well off. Except, where does any wizard make any of their money? The only place any wizard can work is either at one of the shops at the wizard shopping mall, or for the government. Now, I have never owned a small shop or worked for the government but I have a sneaking suspicion that none of these places pay enough to provide a trust fund for several generations of a family.

Within the wizard government there are different tiers of income and departments. This is to be expected, however, Mr. Weasley works for the muggle studies department and so they get to pay him almost nothing. Yet, other wizards work fighting evil and get to make more coin money. So, Mr. Weasley gets paid to study something that every wizard should not have trouble figuring out anyway. They can figure out how to make potions and cast magic spells they can certainly figure out how a light bulb works. Unless, of course, if they do not know math.

The human brain must certainly be learning before they go away to school at the age of eleven. So if they go to muggle school, they would certainly know how every muggle thing works and would not need to have a department of muggle studies, or whatever it is that Arthur Weasley does. They would all know what a rubber duckie is and how light bulbs function. But, this is never mentioned anywhere by JK Rowling or in the films. Harry and Hermoine know the basics of math and science thanks to their being raised by muggle families. Does Ron know math? Did he ever go to school and learn the basics of addition and subtraction? Or, since the burrow is in the middle of nowhere, were they home-schooled by their mother and father. Both of which, we are assured do no know about anything in the muggle world. There may be a large amount of wizards roaming around the Wizarding world not knowing correct grammar and basic arithmetic.

These wizards are not smart enough to ban birds fly through their dining room during a meal. They welcome owls throughout the day at literally any part of their castle. These are live animals and would certainly be eating the children’s food and shitting everywhere. It would be just all over the place. I would not send my children to that school. The headmaster brings more things to school that are harmful than helpful to the learning experience. The man thought it was a great idea to bring a big angry dog into the school to protect a rock. The dog could have bitten anyone who stumbled upon him. Children are notorious for not listening when being told to do something. If someone tells them not to explore the castle late at night, guess what? They are one hundred percent checking that place out after dark. In the security-conscious state of the modern world, a giant three-headed dog on campus is a very bad idea. Let alone a tree that its only true purpose is to attack anyone who comes near it. Dumbledore would and should be out of a job.whomping_willow_cs

Let’s face it, a gun could kill any wizard easily. For a spell to be cast a wizard must say the words out loud and cast a spell with their wand. Before the wizard could utter the world, or even see their attacker, they could be shot. In the first film Harry’s uncle pulls a shot gun on Hagrid and is too cowardly to pull the trigger. If he had, then Hagrid would have been reduced to a pile of fleshly red pulp. It may have taken two shots but he would still not have made it out alive. There is no magic to effectively counter bullets. Realistically, anyone with a gun could have seen Voldemort and shoot him. The series would have ended right there.

In the newest movie in the franchise, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, two of the characters come upon a locked door in the American wizard government building. The wizard tries her hardest to use a myriad of different spells and charms to unlock this door, that was probably cursed or charmed to be impassable. Her companion is not a wizard. So, being from the world where locked doors can only be locked at one part of the door, he kicks the door and it opens. This proves that magic locks and charms are no match for physical interaction. Charming something locked only does so good as to prevent someone of the like minded life to prevent it from being opened. Introduce someone who interacts with the world as most normal humans do and they can easily smash and break their way through the wizard-magic world. If all of wizards have presumably gone to muggle preschool and elementary school, they would probably have seen or heard about someone kicking the door down and used that to change their magic to not be able to just be kicked down. This either confirms the fact that no wizards do go to muggle school and therefor do not know math or grammar or that all magic is worthless if not opposed with magic.

There is no official count of the number of wizards in the world. The Wizarding government, which is the major employer for their world, has not employed anyone to take an official count of the number of wizards they are supposed to be looking over. Well, since they cannot count or write coherently no one would be able to figure all that information out anyway. So we are left to forever wonder where all of these wizards are hidden and where they actually live. There are many rules we take for granted in normal, every day life that seem to be easily ignored by most fan because of the lightheartedness and interesting characters of the franchise.


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