I once forced myself to watch the Polish Witcher series. I still think on it when I consider the Witcher franchise as a whole. It was poorly shot, badly acted, and all together not very exciting. With today’s news of the live action Witcher drama coming to Netflix, I started to wonder what I actually […]

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Bachelor Boys

The Final Fantasy series stalled out years before the most recent entry was ever conceived. Final Fantasy X, the tenth numbered sequel in the series, was, by some, heralded as a great game and helped to bring the JRPG genre into the 21st century and onward. I, however, am of a different mindset when it […]

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Ge4rs and Family

The Gears of War holds special place in the gaming canon as the game that defined cover shooting and added in heaps of violence to a mainstream, first party game. After its release every game unabashedly stole its innovative cover shooting system. Grand Theft Auto 4 even featured the system. It broke ground for the […]

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Destiny: Year One

Destiny was the chosen one. A game developed by the studio that was responsible for renovating the first person shooter genre and dragging it into the next generation. They birthed unto the world a couple pretty good Halo games and they could do no wrong. Halo became the flagship product for a video game console […]

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Review: One Night In Karazahn

Warcraft lore is steeped in recognizable characters and amazing set pieces. Karazahn, the tower home of the guardian, Medivh, plays host to a party and gathering the who’s who of baddies for a night of fun and debauchery, and portals. Hearthstone single player campaigns introduce a small amount of cards and provide an interesting distraction […]

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