I once forced myself to watch the Polish Witcher series. I still think on it when I consider the Witcher franchise as a whole. It was poorly shot, badly acted, and all together not very exciting. With today’s news of the live action Witcher drama coming to Netflix, I started to wonder what I actually […]

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Who Died and Made You King

Television is the wave of the future. Long form media consumed over short amounts of time, leaving a week or more between installments causing the viewers to obsess about the fates of their favorite characters or plot lines. We have all done this and the phenomenon only seems to increase with each passing year. Most […]

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An Awful Batman

There has been a call to diversify Hollywood and inject new actors of different races and genders into the parts and franchises that are traditionally headed by straight white males. A black James Bond, more women and people of color in Star Wars, and more minority friendly televisions shows. These are all things I support […]

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