Who Died and Made You King

Television is the wave of the future. Long form media consumed over short amounts of time, leaving a week or more between installments causing the viewers to obsess about the fates of their favorite characters or plot lines. We have all done this and the phenomenon only seems to increase with each passing year. Most […]

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An Awful Batman

There has been a call to diversify Hollywood and inject new actors of different races and genders into the parts and franchises that are traditionally headed by straight white males. A black James Bond, more women and people of color in Star Wars, and more minority friendly televisions shows. These are all things I support […]

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Destiny: Year One

Destiny was the chosen one. A game developed by the studio that was responsible for renovating the first person shooter genre and dragging it into the next generation. They birthed unto the world a couple pretty good Halo games and they could do no wrong. Halo became the flagship product for a video game console […]

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Review: One Night In Karazahn

Warcraft lore is steeped in recognizable characters and amazing set pieces. Karazahn, the tower home of the guardian, Medivh, plays host to a party and gathering the who’s who of baddies for a night of fun and debauchery, and portals. Hearthstone single player campaigns introduce a small amount of cards and provide an interesting distraction […]

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Sports, Sports, Sports

Growing up I never liked sports very much and I think that is a little disappointing. I missed out on a lot of great memories because of not liking sports. These days, I love going to the baseball game or football game and just enjoying the atmosphere of the stadium. Well, more so baseball than […]

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